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Freedom vs. Expression; The desert has its holiness of silence, the crowd its holiness of conversation. — Walter Elliot

Act 31, Scene 03, Year 2014, The roar of the crowd has always been the sweetest music. It's intoxicating. ~ Vin Scully

- A large screen known as the Titantron -

- the place where a tron is set up -

- Something that appears -

- from the first; at first -

Code X: Booster Gold

- finished the season in first -

- A star runner -

The debut of a new...

- debut album -

Your star will rise...

- The star key on a telephone -

Freedom vs. Expression; "Outside of being passionate fans and knowledgeable fans, Saints fans are really good people. It's a great environment to be a part of," - Marques Colston

Act 30, Scene 03, Year 2014, "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say... ?"

Within the field of view of a television or movie camera.

Outside the field of view of a television or movie camera.

- draw a box around your answer -

- the luxury of an extra piece of cake -

Code X: Mercedes-Benz

- drove the lane and scored -

"We put the time of arrival at ______ ?"

@ A comprehensive long-term ___________ ? @

@ A plan giving comprehensive guidance or instruction @

? what will it matter if ?

A group of connected pages on the World Wide Web.

A number that typifies a set of numbers of which it is a function.

Absence of luxury or showiness; plainness.

The property, condition, or quality of being simple or uncombined.

That steak was really (it)... ?

The chorus is (about) to sing.

To have or formulate in the mind.

? 1 + Word + Every + Post ?

This book has 4 missing pages.

isn't that something ?

The answer is out there. All we have to do is look for it.

"Summer brings out bright clothes"

The symbol for the element beryllium.

I will not go. You may not have any.

An athlete with the will to win...

The green gloves are mine. If you can't find your hat, take mine.

The period of time during which Earth completes a single revolution around the sun... ?

The day of the month or year as specified by a number ?

A period of twenty-four hours as a unit of time ?

Top in 5 secs...

A featured attraction...

The period between evening and bedtime...

The day following Thursday...

I beg your pardon, (miss)...

- Contraction of do not -

The Center Stage

Freedom vs. Expression; Commodus: Maximus. Maximus. Maximus. They call for you...

Act 27, Scene 03, Year 2014, Maximus: I will win the crowd. I will give them something they have never seen before.

Code G: A man trained to fight in arenas to provide entertainment.

Situated just east of the Roman Forum...

Built of concrete and stone...

The second smallest continent, forming the (W) extension of W vs. (E)

- 2 go on a trip or journey -

- The official WrestleMania logo -

3-5 years +

- A mental image that is similar to a visual perception -

Freedom vs. Expression; I think anyone that grew up in the '70s and '80s grew up with Bob Barker and Wink Martindale and I think that was just always... when you were a game show host, you were the man of the hour. Guy Fieri

Act 26, Scene 03, Year 2014, I always thought that common sense would prevail. But on a game show, there is no common sense. ~ Wayne Brady

- An activity providing entertainment or amusement -

- A spoken or written reply, as to a question -

- "he has a Ric Flair for mathematics" -

- "And (Talent) does what it can" -

- (World Wide) Wrestling Federation -

- 2 find after study or search -

- 2 connect computers into a network -

What's (show)ing at the movie theater tonight ?

Code X: A new coat of peinture.

- A concept developed by the mind -

Topic: M - Factor

- An ardent devotee; an enthusiast x Au pluriel...

- The act of mocking -

- A posted notice x 5 - (Signs)

- several or many -

- To have within + hold + up + high -

- A piece of hand luggage -

- The first entry of an actor into a scene -

- A man who is amorously and gallantly attentive to women -

- behind the performing space -

? Jorge or Hejor !

? The lower end of a mast - mask ?

"The Other Side"


Freedom vs. Expression; You avoid the hype while you're working, you have to, but the premiere is the one night of the year where you can enjoy it. — Tom Felton

Act 24, Scene 03, Year 2014, I think hype is a good thing. You need it and it'll teach you valuable things and you'll grow stronger, which is what I've done. ~ Ellie Goulding

- A broad piece of armor made of rigid material -

- On all sides of; surrounding -

- In reference to -

- A point or subject under discussion -

- to intensify or increase -

- to create interest -

- at the present time -

Chant # 2 - Starts now...

Freedom vs. Expression; Chanting is a simple practice. When you notice you are thinking about something else during the chant, let go of the thought and come back home, to the chant, to that place where we are expressing our inner purity. — Sharon Salzberg

Act 23, Scene 03, Year 2014, Record stores have whole sections devoted to the chant. ~ Richard Morris

Brooklyn fans: Group(s) + Selfie(s) + Post(s)

Chants = Allegria

Camera shots + Fans = Greatness

Brooklyn (ambiance) + Trending WW = # 1

- To provide with E power -

- Productive; creating -

A short, simple series of syllables or words that are sung...

- To consider likely or certain -

- fresh and unused -

- The day following today -

Freedom vs. Expression; I bartended for a catering company for two or three years. — Hank Azaria

Act 22, Scene 03, Year 2014, I bring my bike to work, and I make laps around our parking lot on my lunch break. Angela Kinsey

- An informal social gathering at which (coffee) and other refreshments are served -

- Being at a temperature that is less than what is required -

- merely; just -

- 2 provide food -

- The symbol for the element nobelium -

- A room furnished with lockers -

- 2 obtain access -

- 2 give a refusal -

- A building housing such an area -

- Public access -

- 2 decline to grant or allow -

- Mathematics Increased by the addition of -

- A place of relatively small and definite limits -

- space in which to park vehicles -

2 reach (a base) safely by running while the ball is being pitched to the player at bat.

- The act or process of adding -

- 2 refuse to recognize or acknowledge -

- A means of approaching, entering -

- Space in which vehicles can be parked -

Google Images + What if ?

Freedom vs. Expression; "If I may say so, Michael, I'm quite pleased with my new look." — Kitt

Act 21, Scene 03, Year 2014, A muscle is like a car. If you want it to run well early in the morning, you have to warm it up. ~ Florence Griffith Joyner

- Any of various coverings for the hand -

- To direct or carry from a lower to a higher position; raise -

- A cap of the kind worn by baseball players that has a rounded crown and a long visor -

- A loose shirt and loose trousers, often made of thick cotton, that are worn informally or for running -

- A container for such a set -

- A set of articles -

- 4 the purpose of development, training, or keeping fit -

A performance or work of art...

Delete in 5...

The continuation of... on top...

Project 2.0: The after (W) vs. E


Oh sh*t ! He's back !