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Freedom VS. Expression = All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler(s) is unaware.

Act 31 x Scene 05 x Year 2014 = Time will pass and seasons will come and go.

1 who travel(s) or has traveled, as to distant places.

A number, as of years, days, or minutes, representing such an interval.

A word or group of words used to describe...

Earlier than the present time; ago: 40 years past.

To furnish with → clothing.

A group of persons forming...

A → new car; a → new hat.

World Wide Wrestling Federation - lol

Good work now will → save...

In a direction toward so as → to reach.

→ future events.

Something having → two parts.

→ backed out of the garage.

Freedom VS. Expression = “A sky as pure as water bathed the stars and brought them out”

Act 30 + Scene 05 + Year 2014 = The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.

→ 2 achieve success

→ an obstacle to attention

→ "lucky star of the king"

→ "she who brings good news"

→ "prince", "heart of the lion"

The (star) key on a telephone.

The future; destiny

A star that is the basis of the solar system.

Of the color blue.

→ pointed out the oldest buildings on the (sky)line.

Let's talk before continuing to fight vs. opponent

A city of northeast Texas.

→ fictional character on the NBC Soap Opera, Days of our Lives.

"the best film of the year"

# 1

Holding first place or prize...

"The future comes apace" (Shakespeare).

_____ ______ performance was straight out of a Hollywood movie.

Lord Goldie: An act, fact, or instance of interfering.

A contest to determine a champion...

A winning streak that extends through...

Cody = Hollywood + life + style

Good Guys Gone Bad...

During or in the intervening time...

Seven: Permission to be absent from work → new → shattered dreams PRODUCTION.

Catch: 4 a limited time only.

To set or keep apart; disunite.

A degree or amount by which things → differ.

A → detailed scheme.

Freedom VS. Expression = Mathematics is a game played according to certain simple rules with meaningless marks on paper.

Act 28 + Scene 05 + Year 2014 = 'Have fun' is my message. Be silly. You're allowed to be silly. There's nothing wrong with it.

We've got fun 'n' games...

We got everything you want...

"Welcome 2 the ______"

Appetite 4...

2 → similar houses.

Vocal or instrumental sounds possessing a degree of melody, harmony, or rhythm.

2 (interpose) or (intervene) 4 a particular purpose.

(NO) glimpse into...

This method builds anticipation 4...

→ put two and two together (2)

Special + Freedom VS. Expression = Well, it's always nice to know the fans didn't forget what you did when you played in the NHL. (7)

Act 2(7) + Scene 05 + Year 2014 = Luck is believing you're lucky.

! Foxy (7) Lady Merchandise !

! 7 lucky fans in the crowd !

A → given volume.

Perhaps from its being shaped like the letter T when spread out.

Believed to bring good luck.

The amount or quantity that is one greater than six.

→ merchandised a new product.

A → foxy scheme.

2 encourage the sales...

Freedom VS. Expression = Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.

Act 26 + Scene 05 + Year 2014 = Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.

A series of pleasing mental images...

A player who is on a → hot streak.

The sunlight gave → emphasis to the shape of the mountain.

A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

2 experience a dream in sleep...

The period between bedtime and morning.

Just past → most recent

Social networking service

Champagne → Danielle (Moët) & Chandon

Freedom VS. Expression = There's nothing I value more than the closeness of friends and family, a smile as I pass someone on the street.

Act 25 + Scene 05 + Year 2014 = I like to keep my feet on the sidewalk.

The victory → reflects credit on the coach.

The act or practice of one that thinks...

He → himself found the courage.

The cardinal number equal to the sum of 1 + 1.

2 express one's thoughts or emotions...

A sidewalk or sidewalks.

A public way or thoroughfare in a city or town.

A position at a distance from the inside or center, as of a playing field or racetrack.

A → fast visit...

The action of one that → walks.

→ Sherlock Holmes → ;-)

A form of entertainment → F!

A piano with quick → action.

→ television equipment

Freedom VS. Expression = There are some teams and logos you see, no matter where you are in the world, and you know exactly who they are and what they mean.

Act 24 + Scene 05 + Year 2014 = My very best memory of Montreal was the moment inside the Olympic arena when I was waiting under the stadium and those majestic gates opened up. It was a whole other world.

A name, symbol, or...

That aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities...

A photograph taken at close range. (s)

An association of sports teams. (s)

The → history of their rivalry is full of intrigue.

A group of players forming 1. (s)

A central area used for sports or other forms of entertainment. (s)

An idea or topic expanded in a discourse.

Freedom VS. Expression = Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'

Act 23 + Scene 05 + Year 2014 = Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.

2 present with something unexpected, such as a gift.

"set out for the big city"

"the sun is up"

A punctuation mark!

The fifth letter of the modern English alphabet.

2 ask for the presence or participation of...

The part of the shore of an ocean, sea, lake, etc., washed by the tide or waves.

A cocktail → party.

→ feminine of dīv(u)s

Above the horizon: as the sun came up.

"These architects build in interesting and new styles"

A poetry slam.

A period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty.

Resume: Res - Sol - Pro sol

Freedom VS. Expression = Good → words are worth much, and cost little.

Act 22 + Scene 05 + Year 2014 = It's a great day for a ball → game; let's play two!

The unique set of values that yield a true statement when substituted for the variables in an equation.

The capacity, quality, or fact of being → patient.

→ A number, as of years, days, or minutes...

Insert the → values of the constants and → solve for x.

A question to be considered, → solved, or answered.

→ Evo... Res...

→ resolving power.

The part of a literary work in which the complications of the plot are → resolved or→ simplified.

The character portrayed by...

New → information of any kind.

"a → recent addition to the house"

Freedom VS. Expression = The World Cup is a very important way to measure the good players, and the great ones. It is a test of a great player.

Goal Act 21 + Goal Scene 05 + Goal Year 2014 = I want to go to the World Cup. I want to go to the Masters. I want to go... anywhere.

(Billiards & Snooker)

"Can you → group these shapes together?"

4 apples → each.

The basic monetary unit...

The cardinal number equal to 4 + 1.

Wade, Drew, Sheamus, Santino and more...

In the near future; shortly.

A vivid mental image.

"big bold piano sounds"

Freedom VS. Expression = Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.