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The day following today...

A melody, especially a simple and easily remembered one.

The year approaching or newly begun.

A main division of a book.

The one coming, occurring, or ranking before or above all others.

To indicate or communicate by signs or symbols.

A person or thing that wins.

To select from a group.

In a random manner.

A considerable number; a long series.

To put together or make by combining various elements.

The night of December 31.

A style or method of an activity or practice, especially of artistic expression.

Freedom VS. Expression = So you know my old science teacher! Well, it's certainly a small world, isn't it?

Extra = Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole.

Act 30 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = It's no big thing, but you make big things out of little things sometimes.

Marked by or affording occasion for agreeable conversation and conviviality.

The grasping of hands...

Appealing to the general public; widely favoured or admired.

[tendencies, desires, or instincts governing behaviour]

Something worth seeing; a spectacle.

A public way or thoroughfare in a city or town.

A large or important town.

A signal carrying such images...

A sequence of images...

Gary Alexander...

A slight indication.

A plan or proposal for accomplishing something.

A subject of conversation.

Freedom VS. Expression = The photographic image... is a message (without) a code.

Act 29 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = Great hearts steadily send forth the secret forces that incessantly draw great events.

To convert (a message, for example) into code.

To form letters or words.

- clever bird -

The starting point at a racetrack.

One bearing the image.

An alternative.

A visible image.

This is the (one) I like best.

Freedom VS. Expression = Whoever can surprise well must conquer.

Act 28 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.

One's rightful or proper concern or interest.

To modify the manner or appearance.

A person who sells ice-cream, hot dogs, souvenirs etc from a stall.

The common people; the populace.

An (observer) of an event, especially a sports contest.

To (place) or fix in a certain position.

She (surprised) him.

The house (next) to ours.

Freedom VS. Expression = When you work alone, you need to socialize at some level.

Act 27 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = I have always loved Las Vegas. It's a traditional place for lounge comics to perform, and I love that.

- segment of a television program -

- make part of a whole or set -

- A cocktail (lounge) -

- VIP treatment -

A word or words by which an entity is designated and distinguished from others.

An enclosed area for the presentation of sports events.

Within the limits, bounds, or area of.

Of, relating to, or characteristic of a particular place.

2 give rise to; produce.

An individual's conception of something.

A person with special knowledge or ability who performs skillfully.

He exed each item off the to-do list.

The day of the week that comes after Sunday.

The act of inviting someone.

From time 2 time.

Freedom VS. Expression = Oh, good. My way. Thank you Vezzini. Which way's my way?

Act 26 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = When I finally held the trophy, it was just how I imagined it would be.

Music (to be played) in a grand manner.

The victor in a challenge or contest.

The term "battle royal" was first.

"The Eighth Wonder of the World"

At all times; always.

The ordinal number matching the number one in a series.

A general or descriptive heading.

A short coat usually extending to the hips.

A durable covering for the foot and part or much of the leg.

A similar garment designed for athletic use.

Freedom VS. Expression = A lot of people ask me when I do a stunt, 'Jackie, are you scared?' Of course I'm scared. I'm not Superman.

Act 25 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = Working with amazing people, you continue to learn and develop yourself, as an actor and as a person.

A performance displaying a person's skill.

The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences.

An individual's conception of something.

Most important; principal.

The quality or state of being actual or true.

One that closely resembles.

Entertaining or pleasing.

A feature article that appears regularly.

2 write entries in, add material.

A book of blank pages for notes.

Freedom VS. Expression = I'm going to go down swinging... I'm sure as heck not going to go home and say I had a bad tournament.

Act 24 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = I've realised over the years I play my best when I have time to prepare for each tournament as best as possible.

In the near future; shortly.

2 contribute to the progress or growth.

2 move on the initial part of a journey.

A favorable set of circumstances; an opportunity.

2 go after and obtain.

Constituting each and all members of a group without exception.

The position or title of a winner.

A person of European descent.

A series of contests in which a number of contestants compete.

The book was a (huge) success.

2 evolve from one's imagination.

A long forward pass in football.

Freedom VS. Expression = "If it`s not in your heart you`re not gonna make it. At the end, looking back, you know its worth it."

Act 23 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = And I wouldn't take on such a big thing if I didn't think I could nail it.

{ having succeeded }

{ having qualities that delight }

{ put two and two together }

{ the highest ranking }

A person who receives or entertains guests, esp in his own home.

Distinctly different from the first.

An additional one.

Freedom VS. Expression = Memory is the treasure {house} of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved.

Act 22 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = An animal's eyes have the {power} to speak a great language.

All the racehorses belonging to a single owner.

A descriptive name.

Art in America.

To depict in art; portray.

The basic, underlying framework or features of a system or organization.

Clothes considered as a group; wearing apparel.

2 cause (a plant or one's hair) to take a desired course or shape.

Physically powerful; capable of exerting great physical force.

The distance from the base of something to the top.

Something having three parts, units, or members.

2 employ the imagination.

A work produced by this art.

A single sheet of this material.

Freedom VS. Expression = The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.

Act 21 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = If you see the sunset, does it have to mean something? If you hear the birds singing does it have to have a message?

Belonging to, or associated with him.

Any of various calendrical units...

To describe in a brief way...

To provide (a photograph or image)...

To be distributive.

An ardent devotee; an enthusiast.

Received with pleasure and hospitality.

Combatant who tries to throw opponent to the ground.

To place or fix in a certain position.

A building housing such an area.

Nearest in space or position; adjacent.

The region that is outside of something.

Freedom VS. Expression = Angela: The only people that need to be there are you and me.

Act 20 + Scene 12 + Year 2014 = A book is simply the container of an idea like a bottle; what is inside the book is what matters.

Ranked among the 300 most popular names.

A distinguished...

Also: one refers to an unspecified person...