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Freedom VS. Expression = In visual perception a color is almost never seen as it really is - as it physically is. This fact makes color the most relative medium in art.

Act 30 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = To perceive means to immobilize... we seize, in the act of perception, something which outruns perception itself.

! Insight or knowledge gained by !

! An instance of this !

! The process of perceiving something with the senses !

(A) song by AC/DC. It is featured on the band's 1990 hit album (YR)

2 give a name or title 2.

4 example, a sports competition.

A manufacturer of distributed mode (xt)

Immediately following, as in time, order, or sequence.

A measuring instrument or device for keeping time.

A table showing the months, weeks, and days in at least one specific year.

Freedom VS. Expression = For me, a paragraph in a novel is a bit like a line in a poem. It has its own shape, its own music, its own integrity.

Act 29 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = I would have loved to have been in The Stand. I would also loved to have been in The Mask.

The first letter of the modern English alphabet.

- component of an alphabet -

To be in the initial lineup of a game or race.

A word or words by which an entity is designated and distinguished from others.

- the advancement of some enterprise -

- a different example of the same sort -

M Something of a specified kind M

Used to refer to the person or thing present...

- 1941 American drama film by Orson Welles -

- a position, esp an official one -

To connect (points), as with a straight line.

somebody - someone - something

anywhere - everywhere - nowhere

- I have to go !somewhere at lunch. Can I meet you at 2? -

- Someplace vs Somewhere -

Freedom VS. Expression = I have no idea what I'm going to say when I stand up to give a !toast. But I do know that anything I say I find funny.

Act 28 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = Anything is good if it's made of chocolate.

A form of a chocolate spread...

- district of Piedmont, an area known for the production of hazelnuts -

A savory creamy mixture into which...

- snick·ered, snick·er·ing, snick·ers -

A usually rectangular slice of any of various flat baked confections...

Fermented, roasted, shelled, and ground cacao seeds...

A short, usually descriptive literary sketch.

- strong like a bull -

- where he wrestles for the developmental territory -

A melodic or harmonic pattern successively repeated at different pitches...

!Gladness and merriment, especially when expressed by laughter.

Freedom VS. Expression = Chicken, brown rice, and veggies is a great healthy dinner option. It's full of whole grains and protein, and will keep you full for a long time.

Act 27 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = I'm a born entertainer. When I open the fridge door and the light goes on, I burst into song.

? take part ? - stimulate, excite - !derivatives of world tour!

- 2 give a name or title 2 -

- a lightweight simple garment for the upper body, usually short-sleeved -

- Never used or worn before now -

- 2 further or encourage the progress or existence of -

- lots at stadiums and arenas, before and occasionally after games and concerts -

- an area, usually divided into individual spaces -

- consisting of 32 teams, divided equally-

The place in which the action of a play, movie, novel, or other narrative occurs; a setting.

- Bros actually chose this name for themselves -

- when someone gets excited about something -

Freedom VS. Expression = My songwriting is like extending a hand to the listener.

Act 26 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.

A character used in printing to call attention to a particular paragraph...

Something that reveals or indicates; a sign...

To bring (something) to notice...

The ground or scenery located behind something.

3 The amount or quantity that is one greater than 2.

An unspecified individual - The area, location, or position directly before or ahead - A camera obscura.

? Allows users to communicate by !voice using a microphone, video by using a !webcam, and instant messaging...?

? What will you be doing during your...?

AC One of the major divisions of a play AC

1 The one coming, occurring, or ranking before or above all others 1

AR 2 reach a destination AR

S A group, as of athletes or entertainers, under common management S

- not existing before -

Freedom VS. Expression = The most ordinary word, when put into place, suddenly acquires brilliance. That is the brilliance with which your images must shine.

Act 25 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = When I was having that alphabet soup, I never thought that it would pay off.

(originally Florida Championship Wrestling) ;-)

A A unit of surface area equal to 100 square meters A

W Used to refer to people in general W

A searchable keyword or sequence of characters prefixed with the pound sign (#)

To present to view; cause to be seen.

A surface or device on which an image, such as a movie, is displayed for viewing.

The song was written by Khalifa, along with Stargate, who produced it. It was released as a CD single in honor of Record Store Day.

To communicate or transmit a signal, a message, or content, such as...

A kit for building robots with Lego bricks.

In advance of the time when...

A system of lines or channels that cross or interconnect...

World Wide Wrestling... ;-)

Freedom VS. Expression = "At maximum warp, in 2 years, 7 months, 3 days, 18 hours, we would reach Starbase 185"

Act 24 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.

The 24th in a series + The 20th in a series.

The performance of a play in preparation for an official opening, often taking place away from a major theatrical center.

Definition of up for grabs...

The Main Event. The attraction that people come to watch...

The last and decisive game, match, or round in a series...

A contest in a sports competition.

In the time, order, or place nearest or immediately following...

Address:0884 - lol

- the 2008 King of the Ring -

To ask for the presence or participation of...

The indefinite time yet to come.

- at or in a place not far away -

To employ the imagination.

- Johnny Geo Basco -

Freedom VS. Expression = I think good entertainment makes you feel something... it can be a variety of different feelings.

Act 23 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = People don't always realize that a record is forever. It'll always be there under your name. You've got to be certain that it's right.

- an activity that is diverting - spectacular !entertainment! - descriptive heading -

- in the name of under the name of - lol!

- traveling or capable of traveling between !c -

Having virtually identical or !corresponding parts...

- 2 give a name or !title 2 -

Never used or worn before...

- to be engaged in creative work -

The 24th in a series - The 20th in a series.

Freedom VS. Expression = ... Role Boulevard... & check you directly into the... It doesn't...

Act 22 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = Memorable quotes and exchanges from...

- The fourth in a series + The 19th in a series -

He has also competed for Ohio Valley Wrestling...

A general or descriptive heading...

The term "intercontinental" in the title originally...

- sports entertainment television program that debuted on August 26 -

A call to engage in a contest...

The capacity for logical, rational, and analytic thought...

The mind as it produces verbal thoughts.

In the near future; shortly.

Freedom VS. Expression = October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen. It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again.

Act 21 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = My biggest moment was winning the World Series because everyone in my town was able to feel he was a world champion.

"Eat, Sleep, Conquer ---- Oct..., Repeat."

To repeat or copy the words of...

A person having powers of endurance...

If something !belongs to you...

One of the 12 divisions of a year as determined by a !calendar.

The ordinal number matching the number !ten in a series.

On these vinyls, is the word _____________?

- The New Adventures of !He-Man -

The first entry of an actor into a scene.

The voice or instrument highest in pitch or carrying the principal...

Corresponding in order to the number one.

Freedom VS. Expression = I wear whatever makes me comfortable on stage, so that I feel confident. Some days it's a plaid skirt with a button-up and other days it's jeans with a hockey jersey and platforms.

Act 20 + Scene 09 + Year 2015 = My most noticeable physical trait is, hands down, my hair. It's big, unruly and curly, and you can spot it from a mile away... literally.

Styles !hair...

Having the tendency to !curl...

Extending or traveling a relatively great distance...

The built-up portion of a shoe or boot, supporting the heel.

Far or farther from a reference point...

A one-piece outer garment for !women...

Fixed or fastened firmly in place...

A rectangular arena set off by stakes and ropes in which boxing or wrestling...

In a direction toward so as to reach...

A place in which business, clerical, or professional activities are...